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Crimestoppers Runway Run Sept ’19 – sold out

Crimestoppers runway September 2019 has sold out. Keep up to date with event releases by following their facebook page:

Guernsey Milk Run Headphone ban

Whilst a lot of runners enjoy running to music, for event organisers it poses a safety issue, particularly when athletes share the roads with other road users.

CrimeStoppers Runway run 2017

Read about this unique event and see the Chris George photo Gallery on the Guernsey Athletics website.

Crimestoppers 5k Runway Run 2017

10 tips for running this autumn/winter

As the nights draw in and the sun fails to rise before we get to work the necessity of running in the dark finds us all.  Here’s a few tips to help get through the winter.

  1. Wear something reflective or fluro. Making yourself really visible to other road users is key. Many running specific clothes have reflective elements built into them with materials like 3M Scotchlite . Running specific high visibility vests or gilets like Proviz.  A clip on LED flasher also creates great visibility.

    Hi Viz and LED flashers

    Hi Viz and LED flashers

  2. Plan your run to minimise the amount of unlit streets. Runners are slaves to habit of using the same route but you can get inventive and change routes to stay under the street lights.  A GIAAC winter favourite is the town hills circuit which is a lengthy run that loops round the various hills whilst staying in a small area.
  3. Bus & Run – ever thought of taking the bus to work and running home in the evening? Putting yourself in the position where you have to run to get home is a good way of making sure you don’t skip a run.  Depending on long you want to run for you can always throw in a loop round town or the Bridge and Back under the lights before the final stretch to home.  If you’ve got showers at work then you can reverse the process the next day and get changed into fresh clothes you brought in the day before.
  4. Layer to regulate temperature. Often we think its cold outside but once you get running the heat builds up and you can end up sweltering under too many layers. Rarely does it dip below 10c but often its windy and damp.  A favourite bit of kit of mine is a wind or shower proof gilet over a base layer – keeps the torso warm even in the worst conditions whilst keeping movement free.
  5. Get a head torch and run the coast paths. With super bright head torches available at reasonable prices running the coast paths is doable so long as you don’t want to go super fast.  Winter debris like pebbles and vraic on the path are a constant threat but the torch will pick them out.  When the moon is full and sky is clear of clouds there can be enough ambient light to run without needing a light once your eyes adjust. Check out the range and advce from Petzl
  6. Double check before you cross. It’s easy to become absorbed in a run and at night its harder to work out what all the traffic might be doing so take an extra look before you step off the kerb.  Careful with the volume in your earphones – the volume of music also takes away your awareness of traffic
  7. Run with a buddy or join a group. The best way to make sure you go for a run is to make a commitment to run with someone whether a friend or through joining a group,  There’s plenty of running groups catering for all standards out there, some like Lee Merrien Running use the track at Footes Lane in the winter to avoid running on the roads in the evening.
  8. Track your progress. Tracking your exercise through technology has never been cheaper, Garmin’s, fitbits and now the new Apple Watch2 all provide a mass of exercise data that you can track on websites like, or explore routes on
  9. Do the Guernsey parkrun on Saturday morning. Start the weekend with the smugness of having knocked out a 5k run before others have surfaced from their duvet.  9:00am from the car park next to the Beachhouse and its free.
  10. Time to change your kicks ? If you’ve been running all year in the same shoes then it could be time for an upgrade. Running on the roads is harder on the body so you need to make sure your shoes are in good condition and suit the type of running you do.

Jenny’s story : EPIC Challenges 12 hour Endurance Run

Jenny Keeping’s blog on her 80km run is a gripping read, how one can just stumble into a 12 hour ultra event endurance and end up running 80km beats me, but that’s the kind of girl Jenny is.  And I bet she was smiling all the way.

Jenny’s blog is here.


Save the date: Guernsey Ultra 21st May 2017

Details of this 36 mile run are now available on the race’s dedicated website  With around 1000 metres of climbing on the cliff paths and lengthy stretches of flat west coast path it makes for a unique and scenic experience for any ultra athlete.

Course Record:  4:57:40 Tiaan Erwee 2016

see also: Facebook group page

Sark 10mile & 5k Trail Race 2016 date announced

Sark : La Coupee

Sark : La Coupee

The unique ‘Sark 10’ (and 5km) will be back on 4th June 2016.  Details click here.

Guernsey endurance running’s greatest day?


60 of GIAAC’s endurance athletes from ages 10+ headed off to the Hampshire Cross Country Championships held near Botley at the weekend. They emerged from the championships very muddy and celebrating what might have been the best day in Guernsey distance running’s history. Read Paul Ingrouille’s article on the GIAAC website :…/hampshire-xc-champs-2016…/

The power of the pen

Who would have thought that a letter to the Guernsey Press by a slightly irate resident of the King’s Mills area of Castel, Guernsey would lead to a community movement that raised thousand of pounds for two local charitable causes.  Well that’s just what happened.

After a letter appeared in the Guernsey Press runners started frequenting the lanes of this corner of the Castel parish, taking cheeky selfies and before long a Facebook page emerged and gained hundreds of members.  Epic Challenges saw the opportunity to harness the community spirit for a charitable cause and on foul Sunday morning at the beginning of January hundreds of runners turned up and raised £4,657.15 for two young Guernsey people – Anthony McMahon and Jonah Gillingham who have serious medical conditions.



Facebook page : Kings Mills Jogging Club

Charitable organisation : Epic Challenges Guernsey

Guernsey Press: News Article

Images courtesy of Facebook, Epic Challenges, The Kings Mills Jogging Club 

Aid Reaching Children Santa Fun Run 2015 : Sunday 13th Decemeber

This year’s Santa fun run tales place on Sunday 13th December, starting at 11:30am from Pembroke Car park.  The event is in support of Aid Reaching Children – for entry and fund raising details visit their website.