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Winter Blues ? – the injured runner

There is nothing worse than starting the new year with all that good intention of how you are going to strive for your running goal, approach your training with renewed zeal and then only to be struck down by an injury a week later.

US elite 800mtr runner Phoebe Wright has just blogged about how many runners initially approach injuries and then goes on to offer her advice on learning to swim in order to cross train whilst the running injury recovers.

It is a funny blog well worth a read : Swimming Tips for Those Who Swim Like House Cats!

Start early on new year’s resolutions?

New year is associated as the starting point for making changes in the things we do, but there is no reason why you should not start at anytime.  So why wait until January 1st?

This article highlights three good habits for runners :

However if you are looking for a challenge to get you though January, how about taking part in Marathon Talk’s Jantastic : Click here for details.

Tempos runs explained

I wanted to entitle this post ‘Tempo runs made easy’ but that would be misleading as we often describe tempo runs as ‘uncomfortably hard’. This article explains the different types of tempo runs and when to use them.

The “Ian Knot”, the world’s fastest shoelace knot – Professor Shoelace

If you are a bit slow to tie your laces, then check out this technique for a super fast method.

Hello runners!

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