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Clubs & Groups

GIAAC – Guernsey Athletics

The home of athletics and all things running in Guernsey – a large club supporting runners from 7 years and upwards. Something for everyone and lots of organised races.  Signature events include the Easter Running Festival, Father’s Day Half Marathon, All Terrain Challenge, monthly 5k in the Park through the warmer months and a cross country series in autumn / winter.

Hash House Harriers & Harriettes “The hash”

Often light heartedly described as a drinking club with a running problem, the Hash has its roots in collectives of ex-pats in various parts of the world indulging in a run followed by something to eat and drink in a local hostelry – known as “the bucket”.  The runs are usually one of two formats – a trail set in advance with arrows at each road junction.  Except each of the route options will be marked with an arrow off of a central circle.  The ‘dud’ options will be marked a little way up the road with CB – or Check Back, so if you follow a branch and then encounter a CB marking, you double back to the junction you came from, cross off a dud option (with the piece of chalk you handily have in your pocket) and then try another branch.  If you find ON ON  marked on the pavement, then you are on the right trail.  The check backs mean that the faster runners get to cover more ground and the slower ones get back.  A Hare run is literally as it sounds – faster runners go ahead and lay a trail (no choices) and everyone else follows on.

The other curiosity of Hash is the runners get christened with a Hash handle nickname.


Ladies Hash:
Men’s Hash: Men’s Hash Contact details


JP Macé is a GIAAC member and he has a running group that meet on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at North Beach in winter and at various locations around the island during the summer. His sessions are not organised under the GIAAC banner, so they are free to join in.  Check out the endurance page on the GIAAC website for contact details.  He has a Facebook group too.

Sarnia Walking

Ok it’s not strictly running, but it is closely related and it might just be your cup of tea.

Stuart Moseley

Sunday runs and other intro to running groups.

Commercial Organisations

Fry Fit – Triathlon Coaching

Whilst ostensibly a triathlon orientated organisation, Fry Fit offers training programs for each individual sport.

Lee Merrien Running

As most of you will know Lee Merrien is Guernsey’s Olympic marathon runner and when he is not running himself (or away in Kenya), he is guiding many local runners of all levels from novice to elite to realise their running ambitions.  He runs a number of group sessions per week and has a group of coaches to help him.

GIAAC operate a novice Ladies running group inconjunction with Lee.

Tri Fitness

Based at the Train Station Gym, Tri Fitness as the name suggests is heavily into triathlon but they also offer a running club and presently organise a track session for endurance athletes at the Footes Lane running track on Monday evenings.  Check out their running club details on their website here.


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