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Running on the other Baliwick Islands

The Channel Islands provide rich terrain for any level of runner to enjoy and in fact running is one of the best ways to enjoy the Islands.




The northern isle has an active running scene with a number of races throughout the year and even a specialist running holiday provider.  The island offers a variety of terrain with roads, trails and coastal paths which can be on the flat or up and down the cliffs.  A particular favourite of mine is doing hill reps on the zip zag path adjacent Fort Clonque.

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Herm offers a variety of terrain for such a small island.  Good paths lead out from the harbour to the common on the north, where as well as the common trails there are long sandy beaches to cross.  A cliff path around the south provides a tougher challenge – undulating and including some flights of steps.  A series of paths cross over the  centre of the Island – one running West to East from the harbour, up past the church and holiday cottages where it meets the other cross island path coming up from the north.  One path continues east to Belvoir Bay, and one path heads south past the campsite and onto the cliff path.

Herm Island tourism website


The Herm race usually takes place during a Saturday in early August on a course of about 3miles.  A popular fixture for holiday makers and visitors from the other islands.

Traditionally the last stage of GIAAC”s All Terrain Challenge is held on Herm.  Often a 2 lap race involving traversing the sand of Shell Beach as well as a climb up the spine of the Island from the common.


Sark tourism website


SARK 10 Cross Country Running Races – A challenging undulating course with stunning scenery. Usually held in early

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